Sunday, May 18, 2008

A.W. Gryphon - Blood Moon

A. W. Gryphon

All of her life Amelia was told she was the same—not different from anyone else. What was the past would stay her past, and she would go on to live her happy normal life. That is until a letter from her fathers death bed would unravel everything she knew to be true.

Amelia is thrown into her past, what she has been trying to avoid all of her life. Now she is in a battle of good and evil—only if she can find out the difference between what she wants and what will be best for witches all over the world.

Gryphon has woven a believable tale of witchcraft set in a modern time that will be sure to please Holly Black & J.K. Rowling readers alike. This book had me hooked—I avoided sleep to see what turns the book would take next. It is a must read for all fantasy lovers!

You can buy the book Blood Moon here.

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