Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The BAMF speaks about Devyn's Birthday!

I'll admit, when Devyn asked me to guest blog to help celebrate his birthday month, I was kinda stumped on what to write. I'd say I still don't have the blog thing down to a science just yet -- I always think I sound like, I don't know, Charles Dickens attempting stand-up.

So I was going to do a vlog. My first vlog ever! Maybe bake a cake for Devyn, show how incredibly saavy I am in the kitchen, dance around a little, do the '80s head-bob thing, and completely embarrass myself and my kids and end my career in one fiery, fatal swoop. But then I remembered that I need a haircut and have a crippling fear of people seeing what I really look like and I always think I sound like an escaped Wizard of Oz Munchkin Gone Wild on video, and, oh yeah, I don't actually own a video camera, which is somewhat necessary in vlogging, I think, and... okay, I was so over the vlog idea.

So I thought... well, I'll just write an educational piece about baking a cake, comparing baking a birthday cake to writing. Yes, that's it! I'll use lots of "hypothetically speaking"s and "Alas"es and will even drag out my old philosophy textbooks from college and...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. (*whump! whump! whump!* Alas, young Pip, is this thing on?)

And then I got this brilliant idea! Lately, my blog has been all about writing Love Lists (Get it? The whole Hate List/Love List flip thing...?). Well, what better reason to get all lovey than a birthday, right? Plus, I won't feel compelled to sing "Follow the Yellow Brick Road."

SO... in honor of Devyn's birthday month, I thought I'd write a very special Custom Love List. Ready?

10 Reasons to LOVE Devyn Burton:

1) Cool hats, putting him in company of great cool hat-wearers, such as Abraham Lincoln, Yogi Bear, and Justin Timberlake.

2) Has his own charity, which is freaking awesome. And it's all about getting books to hospitalized teens, which makes it awesome times, I don't know... awesome times Justin Timberlake!

3) Five Awesome YA Fans. Need I say more? I think not.

4) Turned my twitter photo green for me, and didn't make fun of me (to my face) for being techno-lame and unable to do it myself, or point out that, you know, coloring an existing photo isn't exactly rocket science.

5) Isn't afraid to approach me and ask for stuff like guest blogs, even though I'm a mean shrew and might have just as easily winged a can of garbanzo beans at his head for stepping into my Writer's Lair and interrupting my brilliance. (Kidding. My lair looks alot like my basement, and garbanzo beans are way too expensive to be wasting by tossing at bloggers' heads. And I had to spell-check "brilliance.").

6) Thinks the Internet is an interesting place to bring authors and readers together. Hey, me too!

7) Fun tweets and Facebook status updates, that I mostly understand as long as I have my "Boring Mom to Cool Hip Young Person" dictionary on me.

8) Laughed when my daughter called me BAMF and I didn't know what it meant. But didn't publicly make fun of me for having to look it up in the Urban Dictionary. Okay, well, only publicly made fun of me a little.

9) Is a writer! Woot!

10) Lives life to the fullest and is determined to leave an awesome Devyn-shaped footprint on this earth, which makes him, officially, someone I look up to. You go, Devyn!!!

Happy birthday month, Devyn!


A.S. King said...

I must be living under a rock (or in a windowless cave) but I hadn't heard of this book before! I can't wait to read it! I used to write love lists and hate lists in my journal when I was a teenager, and this has inspired me to start again.

Happy Almost Birthday Dev! Uh--I guess I'd better write my blog, eh?

Genevieve said...

Awe, I love this list. It is preeeeetty cool! Happy (almost) Birthday Devyn!

p.s. Devyn, you're never going to be able to get rid of that hat! Everyone knows you as the cool kid that wears an awesome hat. : )