Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What every author should know about Devyn - Jo Knowles

What you should know about Devyn:

Every YA author should know and love Devyn.
He cares about books.
He cares about authors.
He cares about the world.
If there’s a cause he cares about, Devyn is on it.
He gathers the troops and takes action.
My favorite thing about Devyn is that I don’t think “can’t” is in his vocabulary.
He wants to go to BEA? He finds a way to do it.
He wants to write a novel? He gets to work.
He wants to talk to his favorite author? He finds out when she’ll be in his area and makes a plan.
He organizes fundraisers.
He organized an author CARNIVAL in New York City!
I don’t think there is anything Devyn can’t do.
(I’m pretty sure he can even fly.)
Thank you, Devyn.
You are an inspiration.
A good soul.
A friend.
A hero.

Happy Birthday!!!! I hope all your wishes come true and then some.


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Korianne said...

Dev, I love your birthday celebration week! So awesome! Internet is temporarily working (stealing from Eric). I hope I get to talk to you again soon.