Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Judy Gregerson - Bad Girls Club

Bad Girls Club
By: Judy Gregerson

Every family has a member who has a problem. It could be addiction, theft, or even a mental illness. It pains us to see the roads that they have to go down in there life. We want to help, even if we do not understand that there problem is hurting us worse then it is hurting them.

Des is your normal teenager, but she has a mother with a mental illness. She is left with two choices in her life to reach outside the family and ask for help possibly tearing her family apart forever or trying to help her mother through the tough times and ‘not think about herself’.

Gregerson creates a very believable set of characters, you start to care for the characters as if they are your family making you feel like you need to help piece the story together. As I have said before real life books have been having a big boom and Gregerson’s name will surely be added to the best of list.


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