Wednesday, January 16, 2008

J. M. Warwick - An Open Vein

J. M. Warwick
An Open Vein

Every one of us has someone important in our lives. Someone we say we would trust, but what if in all actuality the person may have another agenda, rather then trust. What if the information in one folder could change your life in an instant? That is exactly what has happened to John.

John is what some would call an overachiever. Preparing for his first year of college, while being torn between two, one his father would like him to attended, and one his father’s best friend would like him to attend.

Kane (John’s Fathers best friend) has always been there for John, birthday parties, Christmas and sporting events. He became part of family, so close to the family John did not think twice when Kane asked him to visit, when he moved to New York.

At first everything is fine, that is until John finds a folder. A folder that would change his life forever and pushes Kane into an erratic behavior –wanting to bond, treating his ‘new patient’. That’s not even the beginning—John’s life is being threatened—in the worst ways possible.

J. M. Warwick has defiantly weaved a very believable cast of characters that will keep you in your chair for hours waiting to see what will happen next. As dark as the novel may be, it can hit home in many aspects. I know I look forward to see what else Warwick has up her sleeve!



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