Friday, February 15, 2008

Patrick H. T. Doyle - Edgar Font's Hunt for a House to Haunt (Adventure One)

Edgar Font’s Hunt for a House to Haunt

Adventure One: The Castle Tower Lighthouse

By: Patrick H. T. Doyle

Not many of us know daring adventurers that live a retirement community. That is until you meet Edgar Font! Join Edgar Font and his two grandchildren (Audrey & Garrett Font), in his search for a house to haunt.

Edgar Font is a curious man, who in his time of age feels the need to find a house to haunt, no one can object to that—who would want to haunt a retirement community? We travel to a lighthouse, which seems to have a horrible dark past.

Can the Font’s work together to figure out what horrid secrets the lighthouse holds, and better yet can they work together to fix the past. We are guided through the book with wonderful artwork, writings, puzzles and plots-this is a nail bitter, you feel that you are truly a Font yourself!

Mature readers have a new series to latch onto, and follow it until the end. Doyle’s artwork and writing combines to create an amazing plot, this novel is truly a wonderful read that anyone of any age will enjoy!

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