Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Epoch - Timothy Carter

Vincent is your normal teenage.

The world he lives in however is anything but normal.

The end of the world is looming and it is Vincents job to save it with the help from his friends—old and new. His church however has two goals in mind for each member—Save every persons soul and to boycott boy wizard movies.

Can Vincent save the world before it is too late?

I really enjoyed this book.

I did not think I would considering the context.

The book is full of magical creatures which really caught my attention and as the book went on you really had a chance to get to know Vincent. Personal struggles and all.

From The Back Of The Book:

The Alphega Corporation


TO: All senior managers

FROM: Pharley Seamore Edwards, CEO

RE: The end of the world as you know it

There have been some changes to the format of the apocalypse.

  1. There will be no horsemen, not even one. Just demons-hungry ones-with lots of teeth.

  2. Trumpeting angels are out. We've had some reports of pixies and elves, but those should be cleared up soon; see point 1, especially the part about the teeth.

  3. Rivers of blood and hellfire are canceled due to environmental concerns. There will, however, be some seriously bad weather, though that will be the least of your concerns (see point 1).

  4. Rumors about the faithful being spared at the last minute are just that: rumors. Don't hold your breath. That is all Have a nice death.

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Megan said...

The cover of this book looks like something I would NEVER pick up. But it sounds interesting and entertaining. Thanks.