Monday, April 6, 2009

Devyn to library: Boot 'Censorship' (#BEDA #6)

First I would like to say that this blog is in complete and total response to 'Mom to library: Boot 'Gossip Girl'

"A Leesburg mother is in a tug of war with the local library about what she calls questionable books in the young-adult section and has asked library officials to pull them from the shelves."

"It's not necessarily just for my kids, it's for the community."
She states
Hold up,
Wait a minute.

Since when was it one woman's job to care for the whole community?
This is what we like to call CENSORSHIP.

We have Moral, Military, Political, Religious and Corporate Censorship found in the world today. So we shall compare these many types of censorship to the book THE BERMUDEZ TRIANGLE by MAUREEN JOHNSON. --One of the books that Lessburg is attempting to remove from the library.

(I'm not going to even try to cover Gossip Girl--I do not believe the books should be removed from the library--NO Book should be removed, but currently I do not have time to build a case for Gossip Girl.)

There really is no way that Military, Political or Corporate Censorship can apply to this case.

Moral Censorship: (Things that are obscene or otherwise morally questionable.)

Religious Censorship: (Church members believe the content is not appropriate for their faith.)

Now--in the book The Bermudez Triangle we have to things that could possibly fit these categories. Two VERY stupid things that fit into these categories; Drinking and Homosexuality.

It is very stupid because it is life, these books will be in the hand of Young Adults across the world, and drinking is a real part of life.


The percentage of high school students nationwide who have had one or more drinks of alcohol during their lifetime.


The characters in Johnson's books do not enjoy drinking--and one character even attempts to stop the events taking place. If anything the book does not encourage drinking--it shows the negative side effects and clearly discourages it.


Clearly there is no possible way that this subject could have a horrible outcome on a sprouting youths mind. Being Homosexual is not something you become it is something that you are.

Regardless what a person (real or fictional) sexual orientation is, we are all created equal in the end. Regardless if others see it not. The fact that the library is a PUBLIC LIBRARY to serve the COMMUNITY, this book has no reason to be removed from the shelves.

If the book ever was removed, they might as well deny every homosexual person a library card as well.

You see, when someone attempts to challenge a book they like to point out any minor negative detail, regardless if good can come of it.
And clearly banning a book makes it more appealing to young adult readers, as no book should be banned--after all we do have freedom of speech.

That is my soapbox for the day--I would like to applaud Barbara Morse who is the Director who is keeping the book on the shelf.



Chelsea said...

Well said, Mr. Burton. This is one of my favorite books. I will cut a bitch who tries to ban it.

Em said...

Censorship is so short sighted! :)

And you have an award over at my blog!

Tiffany Schmidt said...

The only "good" thing this mother is going to end up doing is creating a lot of publicity for these books. If I hadn't already read them, I would go do so now. (but I'm just contrary like that).

Good for the librarian and good for you for calling attention to this!

Zoealea said...

Well said! Anyone who is crazy enough to try and ban this book needs to be put into a mental institution! It's an outrage. Some adults think that some books are so bad, that they become blind to the message that they portray. Maureen Johnson is an amazing author, nobody should try to prevent people from reading her books.

Kathleen said...

Great post!

Last time somewhere tried to ban "Bermudez Triangle" was when I ran out & bought it... :-)

Readingjunky said...

Well said Devyn. The best way to get kids to read books is to tell them they can't. That lady is helping INCREASE reading. Hee hee.