Friday, June 5, 2009

NYC/BEA Post #1 - 2009

BEA was an amazing experience and with the way the publishing world is forming today Bloggers are totally welcome to join in on the action. If someone told me three months ago that I would be on a plane to New York to attended one of the largest book conventions in the United States I would laugh at them.

But some how everything came together and I remember siting in the airport on Wednesday (May 26th) waiting for Korianne and thinking “What the hell have I gotten myself into?” With that being said I believe that Wednesday will be the first of a series of blogs about BEA.

Wednesday morning I awoke to rain and a missed phone call from Gen—her and her boyfriend Adam were also going to attend BEA however they were flying in from California. I was all packed and ready to embark on the journey to New York. I was sure of two thinks 1) My plane would crash and 2) I was going to pepper spray someone. (Sadly neither thing happened.)

I have never flown alone. With that being said planes do not scare me, I believe everything happens for a reason and if my plane crashed, oh well—either I would survive or I wouldn't. People get in car accidents everyday and I don't go around town tripping out about dying in a car.

I was a nerve ball though—you see, I am terrified of security check. I have no idea why. The only thing I can think of is arriving to the airport and getting pulled aside for some crazy reason causing me to lose my fight.

So I arrived at the airport—thank god I have a credit card because to check in luggage that is apparently what you need. I waited in line for a sold fifteen minutes to have a woman walk up to me and scream “ARE YOU HERE WITH A FAMILY?” I looked around as to say “Uh.. I'm alone. Do ya think I have the seven dwarfs packed away in my pocket?”

I was in the wrong lane. I had been pushed to the 'FAMILY LANE', which apparently all hell will break lose if one person goes through the checkpoint alone. I mumbled something under my breath and carried on to the 'SINGLE LANE'--which let me tell you being single (literally) in a SINGLE lane did not help my morning.

--Check back tomorrow for the next installment of my New York trip. If you read it please do leave a comment so I don't feel like I am wasting my time! xoxo


Zoealea said...

That would suck if that happened. Err...I am glad my airport is better than yours in that way. But, it is also very very small. Lol.

Amber[ella] said...

sorry you got yelled at Devyn! People are douche bags sometime!! I would love to hear more :)