Friday, June 19, 2009

NYC/BEA Post #2 - 2009

Gather children, gather around uncle Devyn for the next entry of the GRAND NEW YORK ADVENTURE!

Once I got through the security check point I walked for what seemed like hours. It seemed the airport thought it would be hilarious to have my gate be at the opposite end of security check. I thought they did this so I had no choice but to see all of the cool stores and stop in and look around--which I did.

I arrived at my gate a full two hours early.

I did what any teen in an airport would do... uh, sleep.

I didn't get much sleep because someone crashed into me.

I jerked awake pissed off at the world--to see a crazy old lady running away from me. I tightened my hold on City of Glass and tried to brace myself for another attack. After ten minutes of watching the frail woman run around like a chicken with it's head cut off I decided she meant no harm.

My phone rang.


"Devyn... I'm in a creepy tunnel.... creepy music..." --That is just one line of the hilarious phone call.

Upon meeting up with Kori at the airport I decided I needed to use the RESTROOM.

It was a restroom, just like any other--or so I thought.
I took care of my 'business' and unlocked the bathroom door.

I went to push the door open--nothing.

I pulled the door towards me--nothing.

I relocked the door and tried to push on it--nothing.

I pulled the locked door towards me--nothing.

I start to freak out and text twitter "I'M LOCKED IN THE BATHROOM!"--Not sure what I was thinking at the time. I start frantically banging on the door "I CAN'T GET THE DOOR OPEN, HELLO!?"

A cleaner walks up to the door and simply says "Uhh, Sir, The door is locked."

"I know its locked, But it won't open unlocked either--watch, I unlock the door and push out." The door magically opened and the man just carried on changing the trash can.

I washed my hands and scurried out the door.

I told Kori about my misfortune and her reply was along the lines of
"You... got locked... In a bathroom?" *Outburst of Laughter*

--And that concludes this post. I have more crazy stories but SO LITTLE TIME!


cupcakewitch said...

I am actually ALWAYS scared I am going to lock myself in public bathrooms. Anytime I go out and the door feels a little "weird" i'm always like "i am screwed this time."

Genevieve said...

Hehe, I can't wait until you get to the BEA/NYC posts where *I* am in them!

Michelle Zink said...

I am SO lmao right now.