Friday, July 17, 2009

Heather Brewer stops by for a... drink...? Bite?

Happy birthday, Devyn!

I've always loved birthdays. Mostly, it's the cake and presents, but there's something about adding another number to my age that's always been appealing to me. that is...until the numbers stopped making sense. I honestly think I stopped aging after about 16. At the very least, I stopped maturing then.

But birthdays aren't about maturity! They're about stuffing your face and getting cool things and flipping the bird to that guy with the sickle. They're about balloons and candles, relatives singing off-key...but not clowns. Clowns are demons.

They're also about reflection. When I look back at my life, at all of the rights and wrongs, there are a lot of things that could've been better, but a lot of things that could've been worse. And all of those things have molded and shaped me into who I am today. Plus, the good stuff, even the small good stuff, far surpasses the bad stuff in depth of meaning. The housefires and bullies can't even compare to the friends I've made and the dream career I have. The arguments and financial chaos fades away when I remember the laughs and warm summer nights spent chasing fireflies.

So if I had one wish for you, Devyn, on your special no-demon-clowns-allowed day, it's that your life will carry balance, and the good will outweigh the bad.

So far, I'm betting, so good. :)

Have a great birthday! Now...where's that cake...?

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