Monday, September 21, 2009

Bennett Madison Interview

After I reviewed Bennett's book THE BLONDE OF THE JOKE, I asked him a few questions--sadly due to my busy schedule it was pushed deep into my inbox. I give you that interview now, my apologies to Mr. Madison. :p

Where did the idea of the book come from?
I don't really know where the idea for the book came from. I think it just came from my interests. I'm really into shoplifting and I'm really into girls with crazy hair.

How long did it take you to complete the book?
It took about a year and a half from the start of writing to finish this book. But it was originally a short story that I had sort of been tinkering with for years, so I don't really know the answer.

Did you listen to music when writing this book?
I listened to a lot of Bronski Beat/Communards/Jimmy Somerville while writing this book. Also the Go-Betweens, New Order, Prince. I don't remember what else. I tried to listen to music I thought Francie would like.

Do you have any writing advice for aspiring writers?
My advice to aspiring writers is to be both fearless and shameless.

What is your next project and when will it be in our hands?
My next project should be out sometime next year. It doesn't have an official name yet but the working title is RAPTURE OF THE DEEP.

Catch Bennett on his website here.

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