Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jo Knowles - Lessons From A Dead Girl

Have you ever had to keep a secret? One that you would not know the outcome of--what if they laugh--its my fault--what if I get in trouble--what is they get in trouble? Laine is faced just with that issue. Leah (Laine’s “BFF”) has a new idea one day to ‘practice’ things that they will do when they get older.

As time grows on the ‘practicing’ continues--and the secret is kept. Laine must decided for herself if she is going to tell the secret or hold in it forever and will she ever forgive Leah.

I must admit when I received this book I was very skeptical about the content. However the book was rather addicting--The fact that Knowles tells all parts of the story and not just the main characters truths is satisfying. Children are abused every day by adults, and you always hear of that but when a child abuses another it is swept under the radar.

Knowles gets the points out and tells the story of a young girl in the situation of child / child abuse. Not only is Laine the only one being effected in the book. Knowles tells the story of the unheard child.



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Anonymous said...

This book was really good. It made me feel horrible because how could someone you thought was your best friend do something like that to you? I wish Laine wouldve said something.