Monday, April 20, 2009

Carrie Freaking Jones.

I had a hard time coming up with a blog idea for today. But then I visited a friend Facebook page, and decided I would write about her.

This woman on the left, her name is Carrie Jones. So I decided to write a blog about her and why I am proud to consider her a friend.

Carrie Jones has a very big heart--I'm talking so big that when she hears about a crisis on the other side of the world it tears her up. Today, for whatever reason was not a good day for Carrie, but she has amazing friends (like me) who will always be there for her--just like she is there for many of us.

In 2007 I was sent Tips on having a Gay (ex) boyfriend, I remember sheepishly hiding the book from my parents because at that time I was not comfortable in talking about my sexuality to anyone. I gobbled the book up in a few hours and was amazed.

I fired an e-mail off to her after I read the book--and a friendship sprung up after that. Since then Carrie has added many more titles to her collection Love (and other uses for duct tape), Girl, Hero & Need.

The most important thing is that Carrie has stayed the same kind (at times crazy) author that I knew in 2007.

On a side note--she really likes stalkers, so go and buy her book and become part of the following!

This blog may not mean anything to you, but hopefully it can put a smile on a friends face.

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carriejones said...

Good God, Devyn, I love you. You are the best friend ever.