Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Elite - Jennifer Banash

The Elite
Jennifer Banash

Rating: 4/5

Casey McCloy is your normal, small town America girl--thrown into the fabulous life of the lavishly rich Upper East Side, to live with her grandmother. She attends the prestigious Meadowlark Academy.

Casey quickly is accepted into the elite of Meadowlark, but she soon finds out that she is nothing like the girls. She must decide for herself if she wants friends who love her for her or for what she is worth.

At first I found this book really hard to get into, but once the story picked up I was hooked! I actually enjoyed The Elite more then I did the Gossip Girl books (and for anyone to like an Upper East Side series over Gossip Girl used to be a sin in my book--until now).

A friend of mine mentioned that she did not like the 'label dropping' in the book--but you must step back and look at the full picture, money rules the characters lives in the book. I loved this book and highly suggest this book (and the rest of the series) too all of my readers.


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